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UcanNest V9 mainly applies in numerical control cutting machines, such as CNC flames cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machines, water jet and so on. It has integrated various functions: drawing, text editing and node editing, auto nesting and interactive nesting; convenient remnanting material management and advanced cutting process; creation and simulation of paths, etc. Like other software designed by Ucancam software Technology Co.,Ltd, UcanNest V9 has carried on the advantages of the previous versions which is quite easy to learn and use. For your convenience, it is also compatible with CAD programs. UcanNest V9 popularizes itself through its abundant advantages like easy to learn and use, low price of better performance and good after-sale service. Hereby we would like to illustrate its features as follows:

1. Draw Editing
  UcanNest V9 is compatible with CAD programs so that it does not require any third party CAD packages. Besides many files can be imported into UcanNest V9, such as vector files: dxf, eps, plt, AI and bitmap format files: jpg, bmp, tif, png.

2.Image Processing
  Functions of image processing include Image tracing, Convert into grayscale image, Threshold, Brightness and Contrast adjustment. With these functions, you can extract contour of the figure, and then get the target cutting figure you want after node editing.

  It includes Array duplication、Duplication along a line、Duplication along an Arc、Duplication along a spiral curve.

4.Text:Text input、Text editing、Charset setting、Text composition.
  Font: Using Unicode encoding, and the system font; providing a variety of single font
  Text Editing: Including word size, word spacing, line spacing, horizontal and vertical, alignment and so on.
  Text Composition: Along a curve, inside a box, reverse arrangement and texts in sequence.
  Text Properties: Arbitrary scaling text size, text attributes remnant unchanged; text can be converted into graphics.

  It includes auto and interactive Nesting. After nesting, a most economical line and an excess material graphic (for future reference when reusing the excess material) can be generated automatically. They both have interference alarm to prevent accidental cutting.
Auto Nesting
  1) Parameters setting such as kerf width, cutting margin compensation and Iteration count;
  2) Nesting method setting: starting point ((left bottom, right bottom, left up, right up), direction: X direction and Y direction;
  3) Precise calculation, such as inside hole nesting, to improve the efficiency of working and utilization rate of material.
Interactive Nesting
  After setting the parameters of kerf width, cutting margin compensation and iteration count; You can automatic nest the parts, and then you can reselect this parts, and manually nest objects, this function support drag, drop and bump features.
Remnant nesting
  With interactive nesting or auto nesting, remnant can be used for next nesting.

6.Plate & Remnant Management
  The Plate/Remnant Inventory Database stores a list of all the plates and remnant one has stored at his facility.
Once this list is created, it can be accessed within ucannest so that a user can easily see what he has available to him to nest on.
Remnant boundary
  The remnant boundary can be created and shown during auto nesting and interactive Nesting, and the range of it will be changed when you move the part. The remnant boundary slices the parts from the plate, so that tedious manual cutting is replaced.
Save Remnant Figure
  After editing serial number, material, thickness, quantity, length, width, area. you can add remnant figure into the plate/remnant database so that the remnant figure can be found easily when you want to use it.
Open Remnant Database
  when Open the plate/remnant database, in the list of plate/remnant, locate and click the plate you want, and then you previw the figure of the plate/remnant.
  and you can search, sort or list the plate/remnant with key word as area, thickness, length, width so that the suitable remant can be found easily.

  This is one of the particular function in UcanNest V9.It provides the solution for cutting bevels and solution for cut in/out. With node editing function, chamfer and fillet can be generated accurately and extracted contour can be edited quickly.
Solution for Cutting bevels
Solution for Cut in/out

  The parameters of the length of cut in/out line and rounded angle radius can be set accurately. Multi-node can be edited once.
Node Editing
  With node editing function, you can edit extracted contour of figure accurately and arbitrarily. You also can change the shape of cut in/out line and select any node as the starting point for machining.
  Bridge is to minimize the wear and tear on consumable items in cutting process. The number of pierce holes can be reduced by using bridge or break-out bridge. The minimum bridge width should be larger than kerf value. The length of Cut in/out line should be set respectively.
  Setting position and width of Break-out Bridge arbitrarily;
  Reducing the piercing of the holes in oxy flame cutting and consumed electricity in plasma cutting for effective improvement of productivity and expenses on consumable parts.
10.Cut in/out
  UcanNest V9 provide many types of cut in/out. Cut-in position and cut-out position can be selected arbitrarily
Types of Cut in/out
  It can be straight line, Arc or others. Parameters as the length of line, angle of line (0—90) and radius of arc can be set accurately.
11.Snap Function
  Snap function is very helpful when we draw figures. It improves the efficiency of drawing. This function also can be used for accurately finding Cut in/out position. The type of position will be shown when cursor moves on it.
12.Continuous Cutting
  Entering the shortest distance value between cut-out of last part and cut-in of the next part to facilitate the possibility of continuous cutting, can reduce the number of pierce holes in oxy flame cutting and save nozzle for effective improvement of productivity and expenses on consumable parts.
13.Intelligent Function
  When generating a path for a figure with both internal outline and external outline, UcanNest V9 will calculate path for internal outline and external outline respectively and add cut inline for them. Internal outline is in inner so that you need not define internal outline and external outline in person.

  This function includes manual path and auto path and path output. When doing manual setting for cutting path, it is necessary to pay attention to cut sequence, direction of travels and angle of Cut in/out for both the internal and external contours. The advantage of the manual path is that you can add cut in/out line arbitrarily and you can manually control the direction and cutting sequence. You can also select relevant cutting paths for different parts. Automatic output is a high efficient method for path editing, and the interface of it is easy to understand.
Manual path
  The parameters of it include Offset compensation (left, right, none) and Processing speed. When doing manual setting for cutting path, you can cancel the action and re-select direction of travel and you also can change the direction of travel by changing the direction of arrow and broken line, So that under the instruction of manual path, it is easier to generate the path for common cutting.
Auto path
  Auto Path can generate the cutting path automatically. It can be classified into On, Outside and Inside according to relationships between the torch center axis and the contour.
Path output
  After generate the path, we can output the path to G-code file.
  Parameters including Device type , mode, origin, file name and save .

15.path Edit
  We can edit generated path. Such as Path Sequence, Path Panel, Group Path, Ungroup Path and path stat.
Path Sequence
  Tool path sequence can be adjusted so as to improve machining process and machining quality. The sequence number of path is shown at the beginning of start point for processing so that the sequence number is easy to change.
Path Panel
  Path panel is used to divide a path into several smaller portions so that you can machine materials accurately even when the work area of your machine is not big enough. After machining, you can combine the portions together to form a complete one. In this way, not only machining time is reduced, but efficiency is improved.
Group Path and Ungroup Path
  You can group several paths as one unit for machining. You also can output several paths respectively.
Path Stat.
  With Path Stat., the UcanNest V9 can show all the length of path, rapid move distance, piercing hole count, cutting time,so that we can evaluate the efficiency of path.
16.Path Walk Simulation
  Machining path can be previewed though path walk simulation, which can avoid machining errors and reducing fault. Simulation speed can be changed.

17.path Output
  Machine processing (cutting, pre-pierce, marker) cutting speed, fast speed; original point based on a special point or precise positioning output.
  Cutting—common machine processing
  Pre-pierce---we can utilize the used nozzles to finish the holes first and then continue cutting with the good nozzle, so that nozzle can be saved.
Marker---draw the outline of figure. It is an inspection before processing.

18.Post Set
  Software generates G code and M direction. You can add different types of device as you required. Set parameters for Opening fire and Closing fire.
  Files' types can be *.nc 、*.txt or others.
  You can check or un-check generated speed command.

19.Symbol Library
  About 10 thousand symbols are provided in UcanNest V9, including trade marks, auto brands, animals and plants, furniture, human figures, etc. Users can also create their own symbols and save them to My Library.
20.Independent R&D
  Ucancam software Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of an outstanding R&D team lead by experienced experts in CAD and CAM fields. We can develop software functions according to users' requests. Functions in UcanNest V9 include Draw Editing, Interactive Nesting, Auto Nesting, Node Editing, Cut in/out, path Walk Simulation, Path Output, etc. All these functions can be achieved independently.
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